My sweet spot, as you’ve likely discerned, is sci-fi and fantasy (especially dystopian), though I’ve dabbled in other genres over the years.

All scripts are registered with the WGA and available for perusal.


HANOVER — 14 years post-apocalypse, deadly lone-wolf Atriah Hanover must face her harrowing past when she finds herself crossing the country with two optimistic strangers, all dead-set on making the corporation responsible for the dystopia burn.
Sci-Fi Drama.

THE STOCK — In an apocalyptic future where the rich harvest the poor for organs, a young firebrand must fall-in-line with an underground revolution when her kid brother is taken for harvest.
Sci-Fi Drama.

RULE FOUR — Being a teenager is literally hell as a group of “Wildcats” (demon hunters) fight to save the world from the most unsavory of demons, one of them being far closer to one of the Cats than she ever expected.
Fantasy Dramedy.

THE ELECT — After a university “welcome night” gone awry, five college students mysteriously begin developing superhuman abilities, leading to the discovery of an underground organization that deals with supernatural phenomena: good and evil alike.
Sci-fi/fantasy Dramedy.

HELL-BROTH — A group of teenage drama kids wind up on the front lines of the zombie apocalypse only to discover there may be something far more sinister at play.
Sci-fi/fantasy Dramedy


BIOLOGY — A self-assured late-twenties man faces judgements and insecurities when he begins owning his bisexuality. (co-created with Aaron Hammersley)


SHE LOVES ME, SURE — When new girl and outsider Sam gets recruited to teach the most popular girl in school how to be “nerdier” for her crush, the girls find themselves falling for each other instead.

COME AWAY, DEATH — Two estranged siblings must reconcile or die after their mother’s passing awakens a sinister, demonic presence in their childhood home.
Horror. (co-written with Aaron Hammersley)


TOTAL PARTY KILL — An eclectic group of friends unwittingly finds itself in a fight for humanity’s very soul when they catch the first night of the apocalypse on their gaming livestream.
Short-form fantasy Dramedy. Season 1 available now on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.

TOTAL PARTY KILL: Season 1 Playlist

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