My sweet spot, as you’ve likely discerned, is sci-fi and fantasy, though I’ve dabbled in other genres over the years.

All scripts are registered with the WGA and available for perusal.


THE STOCK — In a dystopian future where the rich harvest the poor for organs, a young firebrand must fall-in-line with an underground revolution when her little brother is taken for harvest.
Sci-fi drama.

RULE FOUR — Sixteen-year-old Kris faces high school, annoying co-eds, and, of course, literal demons as she and her Clan of Wildcats battle to keep Earth safe.
Fantasy dramedy.

THE ELECT– After a university “welcome night” gone awry, five college students mysteriously begin developing superhuman abilities, leading to the discovery of an underground organization that deals with supernatural phenomena: good and evil alike.
Sci-fi/fantasy dramedy.


BIOLOGY — A self-assured late-twenties man faces judgements and insecurities when he begins owning his bisexuality. (co-created with Aaron Hammersley)

PLAYERS — A group of high-school drama kids, armed with nothing but a prop-sword and a few copies of William Shakespeare’s Complete Works, must face the zombie apocalypse after missing the initial onslaught while rehearsing for a production of “The Taming of the Shrew” in their high school basement.


SHE LOVES ME, SURE — When new girl and outsider Sam gets recruited to teach the most popular girl in school how to be “nerdier” for her crush, the girls find themselves falling for each other instead.

COME AWAY, DEATH — After reuniting at their mother’s funeral, an alcoholic vagrant and her accomplished brother must face their family’s deepest secret and confront the demonic presence she left behind.
Horror. (co-written with Aaron Hammersley)


TOTAL PARTY KILL — An eclectic group of friends unwittingly finds itself in a fight for humanity’s very soul when they catch the first night of the apocalypse on their gaming livestream.
Short-form fantasy dramedy. (First 4 episodes available now on YouTube, the remainder of the season is being shot in early 2020)


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