Prose & Cons(oles)

Prose & Cons(oles)

Yes, I both groan at and am somewhat proud of that pun. P&C is a weekly show on
Twitch that airs at 10AM Pacific where I stream a game with a great story and interesting
characters and breakdown the elements of storytelling in real time as I go. Mostly I get so
involved in talking about story that I end up dying. Whoops. Come join me!


Loving stories, characters, and games, I had the idea for Prose & Cons(oles) years ago but could never find the time to make the channel. Fast-forward to 2020 where most of us were quarantined inside for months, I developed the idea further, picked a game to start with, got my rig set-up, and began streaming.

You can find me at BrickAndSwitch

“It’s f*cking rad.”

-Definitely not my mom

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